precision automotive engineering
Wild Automotive

Wire-forms & Springs

The Wild Group, with its wire-forming capability both in the UK & Hungary, supplies a wide range of products for various applications within the automotive industry.

Metal structures for front & rear seating

Designed to meet the Customer’s requirements in terms of static and dynamic strength.

Special focus is given to criteria such as safety , comfort, weight reduction and function.

Processes include forming, welding & stamping as well as final surface treatment to Customer requirement.

Trim components for upholstery

Complex trim wires & springs which stabilize upholstery foam as well as enabling this material to be attached or fastened to other components within the seat structure.

Processes include forming and surface treatment where necessary.

Centre arm rests components

A wide range of design forms within this product group meet the stringent demands of load requirements & crash safety.

In addition to wire & tube forming, welding and surface treatment is utilised where necessary.


Full design capability supporting the manufacture & supply of a complete range of compression, torsion & extension springs supplied utilising material from 0.3mm to 9mm in diameter.