precision automotive engineering
Wild Automotive

Precision Components

The Wild Group manufacture a wide range of precision stamped and machined components for the automotive industry. These components are often produced to the most demanding of dimensional tolerances, controlling gauge and bore to single figure microns. Where required, Wild use a range of vision and laser automatic inspection devices ensuring best-in-class quality performance.

Wild produce more than 2 million precision parts each week and supplying nearly 40 countries worldwide.

Typical components

  • Thrust washers  for gearboxes and differentials.
  • Complex fine blanked gearbox components.
  • Multi-gauge shims for gearboxes and differentials.
  • Engine components.
  • Core plugs.
  • Fine blanked components for hinges, handbrakes and  seating.
  • Stainless steel components for turbo chargers.
  • Braking system components.