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Deep Drawn Components

The deep drawn metal stamping process gives deep drawn parts numerous advantages over traditionally machined, cast, or moulded parts. Deep drawn stamping can reduce costs, reduce waste, lower assembly costs and time, and improve metal structure to produce a stronger finished part.

Deep drawn metal parts provide a net shape that minimizes waste. This means your part uses the minimum amount of metal required to deep draw the part.

At  Wild, we are often able to engineer our deep drawn stampings in a way that combines several parts into a single high quality, custom engineered deep drawn metal stamping. In addition to increasing the strength and performance of the part by work hardening, the deep drawn metal stamping process also reduces assembly time and cost by producing a press complete component.

Processes deep drawn metal stamping can replace:

  • Machining
  • Screw machining
  • Cold heading
  • Die casting
  • Investment casting
  • Metal injection molding

Typical Automotive applications

  • Airbag components
  • Fuel system components
  • Braking & Steering system components
  • Engine Management Control system components
  • Vibration Management system components