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Wild Automotive


The Wild Group has stamping facilities at its plants in Birmingham (UK) & Aszar (Hungary) with the following capabilities:


Birmingham, UK – High speed progression presses from 30 to 110 tonne capacity & conventional progression presses from 100 to 500 tonne capacity. Coil material up to 4 mm thick x 400 mm wide can be accommodated.

Aszar, Hungary – progression presses range from 125 to 800 tonne capacity and can handle coil material up to 5mm thick x 600mm wide.


Birmingham, UK – Three Aida 250 tonne transfer presses, two of which offer a linked-transfer facility giving the option of running tools with up to 10 stages. Additionally five Platarg “ICOP” specialist transfer presses are used for high volume smaller deep-drawn components. 

Aszar, Hungary – Transfer press facilities include two linked-transfer line facilities (6 presses x 150 tonne & 5 presses x 160 tonne) ranging up to three large 800 tonne installations.


Birmingham, UK & Aszar, Hungary – Ranging from 100 to 600 tonne hydraulic presses & 60 to 150 tonne mechanical presses.